Vehicle Tracking System

Have you ever thought about tracking your vehicle? Tracking is essential and highly useful to the busy people of today’s world.
Has it worried you if your well-wishers have reached their destination safe?

We have accurate GPS based live tracking system to help you deal with these kind of brain jams. We have a system that gives you highly accurate distance calculation for mileage readings. In case of power disconnection we have an onboard battery to keep you connected.

Are you worried of theft of your car ? We help you even with that, we have an immobilizer to cut your engine.

To make use of this device efficiently you can mark ” area ” and color coded ” places ” on the map for better understanding of the vehicle location.
Eg : Vehicle parked near ” Rishabh’s school “

Call Taxi Management System

Annoyed with the delay about pick up and drop punctuality of the taxi drivers? Irritated about the incorrect pick up location that can screw your schedule ?

This is due to improper communication between the drivers and people on the desk at the back office. The communication between the drivers and the back office is as important as the communication between the taxi driver and you. Very many facilities are put together for your benefit. Vehicle management capabilities such as computerised dispatch, real-time monitoring and vehicle tracking.

Processing of cards can also work faster for the welfare of you. Now you could afford more fares with much less effort.

Happy and safe trips on your way.

Personal Tracking

Hospital Management

Single or Multiple Hospitals/Department can be easily managed by Hospital Management ERP. Hospital wide integration on a common system which improves efficient internal communications.

School Bus Tracking


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